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Who are we?

Business consultant for organizations, their teams, and their leaders who assists in solving problems, increasing personal performance, selecting leaders, planning for the future, and delivering measurable positive results. We assist in development and selection.

Why choose us?

Experience and expertise. Southeast Leadership uniquely leverages nearly 25 years of legal practice, combined with IO Psychology to use scientifically proven methods of organizational evaluation and real positive change in the workplace to drive your bottom line. We are certified in executive coaching and in using the gold standard with respect to tools. We are nimble and have access to any resources necessary to handle projects whether large or small. Click here to see about us.

An organization’s most valuable asset is its people.

It may cost you tens of thousands of dollars to replace certain positions, such as sales. Why not spend time to carefully select and develop that best asset? Southeast Leadership uses proven tools and tailor-made solutions that will lead to a better workplace, make people happier, and improve your bottom line. Leaders who become incapable of reflecting upon success and failure or accepting new ideas or insights can cripple themselves and their organizations. Whether it is coaching you through a professional transition, helping you in a job design project, or assisting you in a larger strategic change, Southeast Leadership will help make it a positive experience. We use science to achieve measurable superior results.

“Exceptional and profound results! Cheairs’s deep experience and expertise in working with executives and professionals and his use of amazing tools drove my success during the initial complex stages of launching my business. I recommend Cheairs and Southeast Leadership to professionals, leaders and those facing complex challenges for executive coaching.”
Brooke D., Managing Director

Did you know?



Did you know that research shows that one-third of all of the times leaders give feedback are likely to result in negative performance? In order to improve results from leaders and employees, you should consider the characteristics of the feedback, the characteristics of the recipient, and the characteristics of the job or task when giving that feedback.

Reward Systems

Reward Systems:

Did you know that a particular reward system can destroy the intrinsic motivation for doing the job? Intrinsic motivation and work engagement are both related to performance. If you want to increase your bottom line, you may need to look at your reward system as it could be hindering performance.



Did you know that research has shown that zoom fatigue is a real problem? Studies have shown that turning cameras off (for part of the day) can reduce fatigue and decrease burnout.

Core Values

Core Values:

Did you know that core values matter? Core values – which should be set by the board or senior executives – clarify the identity of the organization and serve as the guiding principles for the words and actions of all employees. These values drive the decision-making processes. New hires should be chosen in part upon these core values.



Did you know that perceptions of justice and voice within the organization matter? Fairness is a fundamental human desire. Distributive justice, procedural justice, and interactional justice are all related to job satisfaction and trust.

NOTE: Southeast Leadership can work collaboratively with Human Resources and/or under an organization’s inside or outside legal counsel.