Executive Coaching

What is it?

Using proven methods to help professionals, executives and managers reach goals, overcome obstacles, maximize critical thinking, and manage stress. Leadership is motivating others. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, executives and managers need to know how best to understand and motivate others – even difficult people.

Targeted areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

Are you facing new challenges?

Work-life balance
Military/civilian transitions
Difficult personalities
Founders’ syndrome
High conflict individuals

Does it work? Yes. Over 200% ROI.

“It works! Cheairs assisted me in a workplace transition. With his coaching tools and expertise, it has been successful. He is easy to work with.”
William B. (Business Owner).

According to Hogan research, the average person has 3.9 derailers in his or her own personality. In other words, your own behavior can destroy your own progress quickly. The powerful tools we use can help you identify derailers, as well as strengths. We will help you make measurable progress.

“The discussion of how different factors and subfactors work together was very enlightening. Cheairs’ experience is evident in how he brings context to the results. The assessment explained a lot of my successes and challenges in the past at work. The process led me to identify areas to work on.”
Ben B. (Supervising attorney)

  • Coaching had significant positive effects on work life, resilience, job satisfaction and intentions to stay. Wang, et al. (2021).
  • Physicians improved in multiple areas. Boet et al. (2023).
  • 72% of law firms found it extremely effective or very effective in reaching professional goals. National Assoc. of Law Placement.
Executive Coaching

Why choose Southeast Leadership?

Experience and expertise.
About Us

  • Worked with executives, professionals, leaders and managers in moving them forward.
  • Certified in Executive Coaching by an ICF approved organization.
  • Certified in Conflict Management
  • Certified in High Performance
  • International Coaching Experience.

We have used executive coaching with boards and leaders in restructuring and organizational change.  We have helped directors successfully navigate founder’s syndrome, stagnant leadership, succession planning, and siloed communication.

We use powerful tools, proven methods, critical thinking, expertise and experience to drive measurable results.

Southeast Leadership provides solutions for your problems. We provide executive coaching throughout the Southeast throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Contact us for a free consultation to see if executive coaching is a fit.

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